About Me

  • Some quick topics and facts about me:
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Was a furniture designer and maker for a long time
  • Was also a technical/engineering writer for a long time
  • Recently began exploring the social side of life — social justice and politics in particular
  • Also recently became a practicing Buddhist
  • Through social justice, I've begun to learn about a few things I think will revolutionize future centuries:
    • The co-operative model and democratic governance of workplaces
    • Participatory government and participatory budgeting
    • Digital democracy in platform tools such as pol.is
    • Disseminating better interpersonal frameworks such as nonviolent communication (NVC)

Besides that, I'm also getting more involved in website design and creation as a way to support my income. Maybe I'll get good enough at coding that this will be part of my exploration of future co-operative systems. Or maybe I'll get good enough at helping people implement co-operative systems that it will be part of my exploration of coding.

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