Origami Shades

Unique, pleated window shades based on origami fold patterns.

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Custom window shades for sumptuous interiors.

  • Windows, doors or skylights
  • Beautiful hardwood rails and sophisticated textiles
  • Maximum dimensions 48” wide by 72” tall
    • Shades can be “ganged” for widths over 48 inches
  • Shade operation options:
    • Open from bottom and/or top
    • Wall mounted cord loop for remote operation of skylight shades

For samples, demonstrations, and estimates:

Origami Shades

…are what they sound like. Pretty pleated window shades made with origami folds.


Six different fashionable German window covering textiles, all of which are durable, waterproof and resistant to degradation and fading by ultraviolet light from the sun.

  • Ricepaper: a white, nonwoven fabric with a paper-like look and feel.
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • White
  • White open

Wood rails

Top and bottom rails of the shades are made of solid hardwood (not laminated or veneered plywood). You can have any wood you want, if you have a preference that is not one of our five standard choices:

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Maple

Cord options

There are three ways to operate Origami Shades:

  1. Bottom rail: This is the standard shade operation, where the bottom rail lowers to close the shade and cover the window, and raises to open the shade.
  2. Top rail: This optional feature allows you to open the shade from the top of the window. Light enters from the top portion of the window, while the bottom portion is covered by the shade for privacy.
  3. Cord loop: With this option, the pull cord forms a loop that can be attached to the wall by a pulley. One benefit of this option are child safety. Another is that it allows the shades to be used horizontally to cover a skylight.

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For samples, demonstrations, and estimates:

A private commission for a beautiful living room in the Berkshires. Six shades with white textile, solid cherry rails and finials.

pull cord loop

easily reached at waist level. Safely attached to the wall, out of childrens' way.

remote operation with wall-mounted cord loop

A system of pulleys works like magic. Pull cords along the wall allow you to open and close the skylight shade at a comfortable height. No clumsy pole.

Solid cherry hardwood rails finish the window in an attractive and organic way, fitting in with surrounding interior trim.

versatile design

Bold patterns in unexpected places elevate the whole interior.

Rick Pereira began creating Origami Shades when he was a student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Exploring repeating geometric shapes made of origami, a question occurred to him: “What if I could make these into window shades?”

The first ones were little paper models exploring the possibilities of origami as functional art. One model was a mesmerizing field of pyramids that collapsed in unison. It was sewn together, and had a thread running through it to pull the pyramids into a folded stack of triangles. Another model was asymmetrical and looked like a bird when it was folded up. The possibilities were endless. A few models became life-sized window shades made from a roll of brown kraft paper.

More working models were made with better materials and improved functional details. Rails and finials were made out of wood, which is sustainable and well suited to home interiors. Five different fold patterns became full-size working shades. Some could open from the top as well as the bottom. Some were skylight shades, running horizontally on wires.

Thanks to the help and support of Rick’s partner Kathryn, as well as several supportive business advisers, Origami Shades are now patented and available for sale to a wider audience.